Travel Challenge Photo Gallery

Thank you to Maggie and Richard from Monkeys Tale for nominating me for the Travel Challenge. The challenge was to post a favourite travel picture for 10 days, without explanation and to nominate someone each day.

Participating in this challenge was great fun and I am very pleased to have met so many very interesting travelbloggers. Thank you all for your comments and likes.

Here is the gallery of my favourite travel photos, uncovering the secrets …

If you are interested in more information about the pictures or the places please let me know.

I also posted some travel reports, you might like to read and to see more images (see f.ex. concerning photo #4, # 6, # 9 and #10 ).

Like always I am looking forward to your feed-back.

15 Kommentare zu „Travel Challenge Photo Gallery

  1. …als ich dort war…das ist ewig her…wir sind quer und kreuz durch das Land getrampt, haben bei den Leuten geschlafen und durften ihre Gastfreundschaft erleben, es war einfach wundervoll…landschaftlich und menschlich…


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