Pull up a seat Week 8

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This for XingfulMama’s „Pull Up a Seat“ weekly photo challenge.

“As I get older I find myself more and more often looking for a place to perch when I am out and about. This might be a chair, a bench, a wall, a pew…maybe even a log or a rock. These spots can be artfully designed, quirky or very plain, sometimes they have a view, sometimes you meet someone else who needs a rest.”

My pictures show the backpack I was carrying on the Munich way of St. James from Munich to Lindau, Germany. Whenever I took a rest, the backpack went down first !

Nice company !
Relaxing in the shade on a hot day
Relaxing in the middle of nowhere
I made it ! Arrival in Lindau.

5 Kommentare zu „Pull up a seat Week 8

  1. On most of my long distance treks in Nepal I sat down with the pack still on but resting. If I took it off I’d never get it back on again 😂😂 Happy days.

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