Sculpture Saturday – Pier-2 Art Center, Kaohsiung (Taiwan)

Pier-2 Art Center, Kaosiung, Taiwan

The Pier-2 Art Center is an art center in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, on the site of an abandoned warehouse. Due to the persistence of local artists, the area was finally released and remade to be an arts center. In 2006, the Bureau of Cultural Affairs of Kaohsiung City Government and under management of the Kaohsiung Pier-2 Art Development Association and Shu-Te University’s art development workshop took over the center, starting a series of exhibitions.
Source Wikipedia

When you are in Kaohsiung don’t miss Pier-2. Apart from stunning art in a harbour setting, cosy cafés and unusual shops you get a very nice break from all those temples and pagodas.

This is my first entry for the Sculpture Saturday challenge at No Fixed Plans. Thank you for hosting !

Always looking forward to your feedback.

4 Kommentare zu „Sculpture Saturday – Pier-2 Art Center, Kaohsiung (Taiwan)

  1. Thank you 😊. Yes , they are students on an excursion. Travelling in Taiwan is very easy. The locals are really friendly. I especially liked Taroko Gorge, Kenting National Park and Kaohsiung.

    Gefällt mir

  2. Welcome to the Sculpture Saturday blogging club!

    Great photo. The students (are they students) on the right add to the interest of this well composed photo.

    I’ve only been to Taipei. I hope one day I can return to Taiwan and include Kaohsiung on my itinerary.

    Gefällt mir

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