Bright and colorful – April 2

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This is my entry for Becky’s Bright Square Challenge in April.

Becky writes:
„It’s a brand new month and I am beginning to feel hopeful we might be taking more steps forward than back and that there is a brighter future ahead. There are still though lots of challenges for many of us, and life isn’t always easy with or without pandemic lock-downs, and so over the next thirty days I propose we support each other by brightening our lives with squares…“

Immediately after reading the theme, I remembered the time we took a taxi in Malta. It had been raining heavily all day, but the female driver said merrily:
„It’s brrrightening up.“
And in fact it did, the next day. Look at the colorful boats in bright sunshine!

Marsaxlokk, Malta

Later when traveling in persistently rainy weather, we often joked repeating what the taxi driver had told us. But the slogan might also be helpful to lift your mood in the current situation 😊.

Thank you, Becky for this new and fantastic challenge !

Always looking forward to your feedback.

14 Kommentare zu „Bright and colorful – April 2

  1. Looking forward! Looking hopeful! That is the message of my Square of April 2 too.
    I’m going to try to do one thing each day of April to be hopeful and brighten my day.
    Today I’m going to get out of my pajamas. 🙂

    ( being silly is also a way to have a bright day!! 🙂 🙂 )

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