Honen-in Temple Kyoto

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This is my first contribution to the Thursday Doors Challenge. Thank you Dan, for hosting this wonderful challenge. In my archives I hardly found any door pictures. But I am going to look out for doors, from now on !

While I was traveling through Japan I visited many temples, in Kyoto perhaps too many …
Close to the Philosopher’s Path in Kyoto I looked at Eikando Temple, beautiful and but also very crowded. On a short detour I then discovered nearby Honen-in Temple that was visited by only few people. The temple area was much smaller and the buildings could not be entered but I really liked the peaceful and relaxing atmosphere and aesthetic design of the temple park .

Always looking forward to your feedback

28 Kommentare zu „Honen-in Temple Kyoto

  1. I´ve worked with Japanese companies and people, even tried learning their language. But I haven´t had the chance to visit Japan but I do have many friends living and working there.I do respects lots of their beliefs and way of lifestyle. Temples are such an enigmatic sight, and I do dreamt of walking into these Temples and yes, enjoy some much needed „Zen“.

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  2. Dan’s right! Photographic is not only addictive, it’s infectious. Friends send me door photos, and friends I’m with joggle my elbow and point and say, „Aren’t you going to take a picture of that door?“ Welcome to the fun!

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  3. The temple doors are beautiful, as are your other photos. Thanks for joining us at Thursday Doors. I think you might find photographing doors to be somewhat addictive. I look forward to future posts.

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