Lens-Artists Challenge #164 – Looking Up/Down

For translation please use the Google Translate Button my site.

This week I thank Sofia Alves for leading this challenging weekly theme.

I found a few photos in my archives although not as many as I thought. But Sofia Alves gave me an inspiration for future photography.

St. Paul’s Cathedral, London:

Tour de Montparnasse, Paris:

Fortress Luxembourg:

After those images from European Capital cities I will close with a personal photo of my old trekking shoes. Wherever I traveled in the last years I took them with me. They were very comfortable, especially during long city walks. Before throwing them out I took many photos as a souvenir. After this I could not discard them and put them back in shoe cabinet.

Always looking forward to your feedback.

13 Kommentare zu „Lens-Artists Challenge #164 – Looking Up/Down

  1. I visited Paris several times and loved it. In London I had not been for many years before I returned in 2019. I loved London and decided to come back soon, also to visit places in Southern England …

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