Reminiscing the peaceful revolution in GDR

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Lately, I saw this mural about the slogans of the Monday Demonstrations in Leipzig (Germany) in Autumn 1989. They were organized by the „Neues Forum“ (New Forum) and eventually followed by the collapse of the GDR regime. There was of course no right to demonstrate freely then, so these people were risking severe punishment. I still admire their courage and their ability to protest without violence.

“ We are the people.“, „Visa-free to Hawaii “ (freedom to travel), „Free Press!“, „No violence!“, „Stasi (Secret police) into open pit mining“, „The (Berlin) wall has to go“, „Free Elections!“, „Freedom!“, „Bigwigs to production jobs“, „Democracy“ „New Forum“.

This is for Sami’s Monday Mural. Thank you Sami for hosting.

Always looking forward to your feedback !

17 Kommentare zu „Reminiscing the peaceful revolution in GDR

  1. Thank you 😊. I visited the Stasi Museum in Leipzig. Here I learned how much repression the people in East Germany faced on a daily basis. Of course, we knew about the regime, but there was such more going on, we were not informed about. The people must have been really fed up with the situation when they started demonstrating.

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  2. Danke 😊. War nach dem Bahnhof selbst mein erster Eindruck von Leipzig. Es gab aber noch zahlreiche Hinweise auf die Schauplätze der friedlichen Revolution von 1989. Sehr interessant!

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  3. What a wonderful retro mural. It was great that the wall finally came down and families could be reunited after years of separation. This so colorful, no one could miss it, either.

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  4. Fantastic mural! So many details to find in this gigantic mural. Thanks for participating in Monday Murals.
    We were on a plane out of Germany in Nov 1989 when the pilot announced the Berlin Wall had fallen and it was such an emotional moment with everybody clapping.

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