Doors of Fribourg (Switzerland)

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This year in October I finished the Swiss Camino at Fribourg. Next spring I will continue my pilgrimage on the Camino, if possible. In Fribourg I spent another day, before I went home. Strolling through the Old Town I saw some magnificient doors.

Chapelle dans la Basse-Ville Fribourg
Service archéologique Planche Supérieure Fribourg
Cathédrale Saint-Nicolas Fribourg

This is for Dan Antion’s Thursday Door Challenge. Thank you, Dan for hosting this fun challenge.

If you would like to know more about my pilgrimage on the Way of St. James in Switzerland you should look into my posts (f. ex. here: On the Swiss Camino #10).

Always looking forward to your feedback.

15 Kommentare zu „Doors of Fribourg (Switzerland)

  1. Thank you! Perhaps I should have presented the doors differently, i.e. together with photos of the buildings. # 2 is part of a yellow edifice from the Late Middle Ages. It might habe been painted differently in modern times …

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  2. I like the first and last ones. I think the second door is not for me but when you look at it for a second or third time it somehow gets better haha 👍🏼

    Gefällt mir

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