Pull up a Seat Photo Challenge 2021-Week 47

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Glyptothek Munich, Museum of Greek and Roman Sculptures

The photo was taken when I could finally return to my favorite coffee location, the museum café at the Glyptothek. The inner courtyard is beautiful and features a very relaxing atmosphere, so rare in the hectic Munich city center! But I also love the unique ambiance of the inside restaurant where you sit in the vicinity of the ancient statues. In the café they serve perhaps the best Italian coffee in town and a very tasty selection of cakes (and other snacks and beverages).

And of course the collection is really worth visiting. For further information please look here.

Those were the happy times in summer and early autumn …

Due to extremely high corona numbers, the 2G rule (access only for vaccinated and recovered persons) applies to the Bavarian gastronomy. In the face of the dramatic utilization of intensive care units, the Bavarian government has today i.e. decided that in corona hotspots with an incidence of over 1000 (in Munich currently: 754) restaurants and hotels will be closed again at least until December 15. If you are interested in all current Bavarian Anti Covid measures please look here.

In a way the whole situation seems to me like a terrible nightmare from which one does not wake up. And there are still those who refuse to be vaccinated …

This is for XingFu Mama’s fun challenge. Thank you for hosting!

Always looking forward to your feedback.

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