Doors of Luebeck

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As already reported, I visited the Hanseatic city of Lübeck at the end of November.
Apart from the spectacularly beautiful Brick Gothic (Backsteingotik) buildings , I was particularly taken with the doors in the old town.

Gaengeviertel Luebeck
Gaengeviertel Luebeck
Marienkirche Luebeck
Engelswisch Luebeck
Schiffergesellschaft Luebeck
Gate to Glandorps Hof
Cathedral Luebeck

Ethnological Museum Luebeck
St. Lorenz Church Luebeck-Travemünde

This is for Dan Antion’s Thursday Doors challenge. Thank you Dan for hosting ! I had great fun taking photos of the marvellous doors in Luebeck.

As I have participated in Thursday Doors only lately, I do not post my favorite doors of 2021. There are not so many photos yet and I do not want to bore readers showing the same pictures after a short time.

Always looking forward to your feedback.

12 Kommentare zu „Doors of Luebeck

  1. A marvellous collection of various entrances. The only thing that bothered me were those huge green and red Eingang – Ausgang boards. 😀 I know, probably necessary, but way to go to spoil the magnificent door!

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  2. Your collection today could pass for a group of favorites doors – they are all wonderful. I love the photo of the cathedral, as well as the doors at Schiffergesellschaft and Engelswisch. Thank you for joining Thursday Doors. I look forward to seeing your contributions during 2022. Until then, I hope you enjoy the holidays.


  3. The first house is lovely – would like to see it with the tree on the wall when it has leaves. Beautiful doors, but the signs ausgang -eingang amke me laugh – I think are typically German (lived for a year in Berlin).

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