Cows on the Camino

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Ever since I went on a pilgrimage on the Munich Way of St. James and the Via Jacobi, the Swiss Camino, cows have been my favorite animals.

The Way of St. James often runs through agricultural areas, so herds of cattle are not uncommon there and nothing special. Actually, elephants, giraffes and the mountain gorillas in Uganda have been my favorite animals. But at the moment, the most I can get to see these enchanting creatures is in documentaries.

Cattle, however, have their very own charm. Adult cows often stop chewing when a hiker passes by and look at him very interested and a little sceptical with their big eyes.

Calves, on the other hand, often come rushing up and follow your every move with great curiosity. I have to admit that I often chat with the cute animals, especially when I have been walking for hours without meeting a human being and feel a bit lonely. After greeting them, I sometimes give them senseless advice such as „Take care of yourselves, don’t get slaughtered!“ Often the little calves would walk along the fence with me as far as they can. After these encounters, I felt better each time and had renewed strength to continue the hike.

Since these delightful encounters, I have given up eating veal !

Below, I show five photos I took on the Munich Way of St. James and six pictures from the Via Jacobi.

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Inspired by Lens- Artists Challenge #178 „You Choose“, hosted by Tina and a Twitter Challenge #CaminoTuesday with the theme cows met on the camino.

Always looking forward to your feedback.

8 Kommentare zu „Cows on the Camino

  1. These are wonderful – I’d be talking to them too!! My favorites are the group shot with all of the matching ears and the two little matching calves. So very sweet!


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