Beautiful blues and greens

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My favorite color is blue combined with green.Therefore, I love green landscapes on a sunny day with blue skies and bodies of water. I do not only fancy rich blue but different shades of blue, f.ex. teal.

Watching beautiful scenery, especially after having hiked up to viewpoint, makes me feel serene.

This for CEE Neuner’s CMMC December Color Your Favorite Color and for Lens-Artists Challenge #179 – Serene. Thank you CEE and Patti for hosting those marvellous challenges.

Always looking forward to your feedback.

26 Kommentare zu „Beautiful blues and greens

  1. Thank you 😊The first 4 photos are from Nahuel Huapi National Park near Bariloche, Argentina, the next depicts Sun- Moon-Lake in Taiwan, the following are from Banff N.P: Lakes Moraine and Peyto, and the last 3 pictures of Lake Walchensee were taken close to home last summer.

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  2. Beautiful post – I too love the feeling of reaching the end of a long climb that results in beautiful vistas. I recognized a few of the beautiful blues in your post. Thanks for sharing the serenity

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