Doors in Taiwan

Chiang-Kai-shek Memorial Hall Taipei Taiwan
National Museum Taiwan Taipei
Koxinga Shrine Tainan Taiwan
Koxinga Shrine Tainan Taiwan
Confucius Temple Tainan Taiwan
Confucius Temple Tainan Taiwan
Spring and Autumn Pavilion Lotus Pond Kaohsiung Taiwan

This is for Dan Antion’s great challenge Thursday Doors. Thank you, Dan for hosting!

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Always looking forward to your feedback.

8 Kommentare zu „Doors in Taiwan

  1. I really like these doors. Years ago, when I had a cabinet shop, I made lattice dividing panels for their seating area. The spacing of the lattice was about 6-8 times as wide as the lattice in those blue and red doors, and they were a pain to make. My compliments to the craftsmen who made all those doors.

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