Camino Doors

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Walking the Swiss Camino in August and October 2021 I definitely saw many beautiful doors. But I only took some photos. When I continue my pilgrimage next spring or summer this won’t happen again. Being a regular now at the fun challenge Thursday Doors by Dan Antian I will watch out for doors on the Camino.
Thank you very much Dan, for hosting!

The last photo was taken in Lucerne. On the station square stands a part of the portal of the station building, which burned down in 1971, and was placed like a triumphal arch to commemorate the old edifice, which was not rebuilt.

On the Schwabenweg near Rapperswil
Hermitage of Saint Brother Klaus in the Ranft Gorge/Klause des Heiligen Bruder Klaus
Pilgrim’s Hostel/ Pilgerherberge Brienzwiler
B & B Castle/Schloss Riggisberg
Station Lucerne
Bahnhof Luzern

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  1. Thank you! That place in the Ranft George has a very special atmosphere. Especially now as it is not overrun by tourists. I was told that even Chinese groups have come to visit.

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