Doors in Austria/Österreichische Türen in Linz

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In June 2020 an initial short trip after the first lockdown took me to Linz .

Linz is the capital of Upper Austria and third-largest city in Austria. It is located on the Danube. In 2018, the population was nearly 205.000. In 2009, Linz was European Capital of Culture.
Source: Wikipedia

During my stay in Linz I took a few photos of beautiful doors. Should have taken many more, but here are at least a few pictures.

Old Town Linz
Old Town Linz
Friedrichstor Linz
Pöstlingbergbahn Linz
Old Town Linz
Landhaus Torbogen Linz

This for Dan Antion’s fabulous Thursday Doors Challenge. Thank you Dan, for hosting.

Always looking forward to your feedback!

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10 Kommentare zu „Doors in Austria/Österreichische Türen in Linz

  1. Beautiful doors. I like the timing of that last shot: just before the man walks into shadow. I like that green door on the old tannery. The upper floors look quite posh now. I suppose it must have turned into apartments?


  2. nice and stately with this post – and my two favs are the ways the color from the flowers warm with that nice wooden brown door – and then the man with the hat walking through the closing photo


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