Rainy Days on the Munich Way of St. James

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Walking the Munich Way of St. James in October 2019 I often suffered heavy rain and thick fog. From time to time there was a funny looking rainbow and finally, having arrived at my destination in Lindau, I even saw the sun over Lake Constance, briefly.

This is for Lens-Artists Challenge #186 – Low-Light. Thank you, Sofia for the interesting topic and for hosting.

My photos might not very artistic but they convey the mood and the atmosphere of my pilgrimage on this section of the trail.

Always looking forward to your feedback.

14 Kommentare zu „Rainy Days on the Munich Way of St. James

  1. Beautiful scenes well photographed! Love it that you have chosen roads in so many – number two is my favourite.


  2. A pelgrimage can’t be a hike exclusively under a sunny sky. We have to accept the weather as it is, this goes also for the pictures we take on our way.


  3. Your composition is spot on, and you’re spot on as well when you say they convey the mood, for me they’re artistic too. The rainbow one is so beautiful and odd.


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