Monastery Doors in Benediktbeuern/Bavaria

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In the beginning of February when we finally had some nice and sunny days I visited Benediktbeuern Monastry and went for a circular hike through the Loisach-Kochelsee wetlands. At the monastery I saw some beautiful gates and doors.

Benediktbeuern Monastery is a former Benedictine abbey near Lake Kochel in Bavaria/Germany. Buron/Benediktbeuern Monastery was probably founded as early as 725/728 by Charles Martell as a secular base and as a guard and control station in front of the Kesselberg at a tactically favorable location on the road to Rome.
Between 1669 and 1679, the present baroque form of the monastery complex was created and the monastery church of St. Benedict was rebuilt from 1672.
The monastery was dissolved in 1803 in the course of secularisation. Since 1930, the Salesians of Don Bosco have again used the buildings as a branch of a religious community. Today, around 35 Salesians of Don Bosco live and work there.
Source: Wikipedia

This is another contribution to Dan Antion’s Thursday Doors. Thank you Dan, for hosting this wonderful challenge.

Always looking forward to your feedback.

9 Kommentare zu „Monastery Doors in Benediktbeuern/Bavaria

  1. The doors are beautiful, but the stonework, the roof details and the ornamentation around the windows are stunning. This is a wonderful post.


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