Sitting in the sun at Lake Starnberg

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Yesterday, we had wonderful sunny weather again. Finally, spring is arriving!

I took the opportunity to go for a little hike at Lake Starnberg. On the way, of course, I had to feed myself and stopped at a restaurant on the lakeshore. The wind was quite cool, but well wrapped in an extra blanket, I enjoyed the sunshine and a delicious risotto. There was not much activity on the restaurant terrace, it must be getting a little warmer still.

This is for XingFu Mama’s Pull up a Seat Photo Challenge 2022. Thank you for hosting this wonderful challenge.

Always looking forward to your feedback.

7 Kommentare zu „Sitting in the sun at Lake Starnberg

  1. Look at all those seats waiting anxiously for visitors to arrive – won’t be long before every one will be filled.
    Take care

    Gefällt mir

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