Doors of the Munich Museum Quarter

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Yesterday, I went on a Doorscursion in the Munich Kunstareal, the museum quarter. It is easily accessed by a short walk from the city center, by street car or subway. It is one of my favorite areas in Munich. The museums are within walking distance. You can visit one museum with world-famous art worksand then stroll over to the next. As long as you feel like it …

In the Kunstareal you will find, among others, the Alte Pinakothek (collection of Old Master paintings), the Neue Pinakothek (focus on European Art of the 18th and 19th centuries), the Pinakothek der Moderne (Modern Art of the 20th century) and the Museum Brandhorst (comprehensive Modern Art collections, f.ex 100 works of Andy Warhol and more than 60 works of Cy Twombly).

Alte Pinakothek Munich with Sculpture by Henry Moore
Alte Pinakothek Munich
Alte Pinakothek Munich, seen from Pinakothek der Moderne, with Artwork by Eduardo Chillida
Pinakothek der Moderne Munich
Pinakothek der Moderne Munich
Neue Pinakothek Munich (under renovation)
Museum Brandhorst Munich
Museum Brandhorst Munich

I walked past the Egyptian Museum and then continued to the Lenbachhaus (famous collection of works of the Blue Rider) and the Glyptothek (Greek and Roman Sculpture).

Museum of Eqyptian Art Munich

Door pictures of these two wonderful museums, I will show with a later post.

This is for Dan Antion’s marvelous Thursday Doors Challenge. Thank you Dan for hosting!

Always looking forward to your feedback.

4 Kommentare zu „Doors of the Munich Museum Quarter

  1. Lindas fotos de Munique. Se em só ver ver essas fotos já é divertido, como não seria maravilhoso um dia poder ir a Alemanha de muitas histórias.

    Gefällt mir

  2. What a plethora of museums! I’d love to visit the Egyptian one. These buildings, especially the first ones, strike me as so German: everything just so and in place. (I’m German on both sides so I’m not trying to put them down by any means.) Made me smile.


    Gefällt mir

  3. I like it when there are several museums within walking distance. We have a setup like this, albeit much smaller, in a nearby city. It’s fun to be able to fill your day with different kinds of art. The buildings are beautiful and the doors look welcoming.

    Gefällt mir

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