„Bokeh“ from the Munich Botanical Garden

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Two days ago, I went on an excursion to the Munich Botanical Garden for two reasons. I wanted to see the spring flower beds und the budding vegetation. But I also planned to try out Bokeh Photography.

Thank you Sofia from „photographias“ for the great and challenging „Lensartists“ topic. From the excellent photos and informative commentaries of the participants I learnt so much. And then I just had to try …

Always looking forward to your feedback. Please feel free to tell me how I can improve the photos and especially the Bokeh Effect.

In a few days I am going to send another post about the Botanical Garden to show the colorful flowers and the relaxing atmosphere.

22 Kommentare zu „„Bokeh“ from the Munich Botanical Garden

  1. Quite impressive for first attempt. The pink blossom is perfect. As others mentioned, distance is important, but just keep on trying and playing with your camera, you already know what to do.

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  2. Hatten denn dir meine Kirschblütenbilder von Bokeh her gefallen? Für diese Bilder habe ich eine Festbrennweite von 90 mm mit einer Blende von F2.8 verwendet. Den Abstand habe ich so gering wie möglich gewählt (ca. 30-40 cm) Könnte dies vielleicht helfen? Nur so eine Idee 🤔

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  3. You are correct – you’ll get better bokeh with 2.8 – also with more distance between subject and background. You got some wonderful results. Congrats for learning something new and putting it into practice!!

    Gefällt mir

  4. Thank you very much for the advice. I agree that the distance to the background should be bigger than in my photos. But I have to try the small aperture as I have chosen the biggest aperture, 2,8. I thought that 16 or higher has an adverse effect on the bokeh as the depth of fields is higher. Hopefully You understand what I mean…

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  5. Nice pictures but can I be so free to give you a bokeh tip ? Try to photograph an object with in de background (at some distance) leaves of a tree trough which light is faling. Choose for a small aperture like f16 – f22 Focus on the flower but the background (the leaves) may NOT be sharp. Eventualy use your tele zoom to make the picture of the flower what makes that your background tends much more to be unsharp. I hope I expressed myself clear 🙂
    Lots of succes and many greets.

    Gefällt mir

  6. Blende 2,8 ist doch ok. Diese Blendeneinstellung nehme ich auch, wenn ich Wert auf das Bokeh lege. Was würdest du dir denn bei deinen Bilder schöner/besser wünschen?

    Gefällt mir

  7. Danke! Mit meiner größten Blende 2,8 und möglichst Iso 80 und im Telezoombereich. Habe meine alte Kamera, die Sony Rx 10, noch einmal gebraucht gekauft. Mit der Sony Alpha 6400 kam ich nicht so gut zurecht und das 18-130 Objektiv war auch nicht so lichtstark.

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