Doors of the Munich Museum Quarter #2

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Last week I already reported on my Doorscursion at the Munich Kunstareal.
But there were more interesting and beautiful museum doors to see.
On my further walk, I passed by the NS Documentation Center. Once again, I resolved to visit this museum soon.

Then I walked across Königsplatz past the Staatliche Antikensammlungen (collections of antiquities from Greece, Etruria and Rome) and the Glyptothek, where the sculpture collection is located.

In the nearby Lenbachhaus I had a happy reunion with the famous paintings of the Blaue Reiter. Again I bought an annual ticket. Hopefully, this will encourage me to visit the Lenbachhaus more often. However, at 10 euros, the ticket for pensioners is not expensive …

Now, I was ready for a break at my favourite coffee spot, the café in the Glyptothek. As always, there was delicious cake and the best cappuccino in Munich. Unfortunately, it was already late, so I couldn’t stay seated for long before the café closed.

When I returned home I decided to come back soon, not only for the Museums but also for the Café Glyptothek.

This is for Dan Antion’s wonderful Thursday Doors challenge. Thank you for hosting!

Always looking forward to your feedback.

6 Kommentare zu „Doors of the Munich Museum Quarter #2

  1. Thank you. I also like this cafe for it its rather quiet atmosphere that is rare in the Munich city center. And to sit in the courtyard is really nice. I look after the restaurant at every museum visit and often they are good for a break.

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  2. These are great photos and doors. I find it interesting that the cafe is worth seeking out and returning to. I’ve noticed a number of museums and places like them in this country that have invested in improving their cafes. 25-30 years ago, I wouldn’t have given much thought to eating in a museum. I find that is changing.

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