Doors in Quedlinburg East Germany

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Last summer I visited Quedlinburg, a very beautiful place featuring 1300 half-timbered houses, i.e. the highest number in Germany. A great number of houses have been wonderfully renovated like the Town Hall Building (see first door photo). Other buildings, some of which are endangered to collapse, are still waiting to be repaired. Anyway, the Old Town of Quedlinburg is the perfect place to admire the centuries-old and marvelous half-timbered architecture.

Thank you Dan Antion for the inspiration to this posting via your wonderful Thursday Doors Challenge!

Always looking forward to your feedback.

11 Kommentare zu „Doors in Quedlinburg East Germany

  1. Du zeigst immer so schoene Bilder von Tueren. Ich sehe sie immer wieder gerne. Mein Blogging-Freund Juergen Rinck [] hat auch ein Faible dafuer und hat sogar ein ganzes Buch mit Bildern von (geschlossenen) Tueren zusammengestellt.

    Gefällt mir

  2. We have good friends in South-East Germany, and they complained after it was freed that all their kids were moving to the West to look for work! So i can imagine the dilapidation. Love the frame of the green door!

    Gefällt 1 Person

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