Doors of Goslar

After our short hiking holiday in the Harz Mountains (see i.a. Harzreise: Rund um Ilsenburg) we headed to Northwest Germany to visit our relatives. But after we had checked out of the hotel in Bad Harzburg we first drove to Goslar for a short sightseeing tour.

Goslar is a historic town in Lower Saxony, Germany. It is located on the northwestern slopes of the Harzmountain range. The Old Town of Goslar and the Mines of Rammelsberg are UNESCOWorld Heritage Sites for their millenium-long testimony to the history of ore mining and their political importance for the Holy Roman Empire and Hanseatic League.
Source: Wikipedia

Goslar is so rich in history and features incredibly beautiful buildings. About 1400 half- timbered are preserved. We definitely did not to spend enough time at this miraculous place and we will have to come back some time. But we saw some magnificient doors.

This is for Dan Antion’s terrific Thursday Doors Challenge. Thank you Dan for hosting.

Always looking forward to your feedback.

Doors of Goslar was first published at Wanderlustig.

9 Kommentare zu „Doors of Goslar

  1. We probably passed this area, driving from Germany to Poland. Beautiful houses, and I love that arch leading to a garden(?) Anyways carefully taken care of, like I know Germany:)


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