Bright Prang Bangkok

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This for Becky’s Bright Square Challenge.

When I took this photo a few years ago, I could not know how much it was going appeal to me in our current pandemic situation. I do not know whether and when I will be able to travel to another continent again. But let’s take the message from the picture. We are going up a step staircase now. Just a few more exhausting steps and ahead lies a much brighter future !

Thank you so much, Becky for another wonderful month of Squares. They often made my day and I discovered so many fellow bloggers. I am curious how you are going to challenge us in the next round in July but I am sure it will be some uplifting and fun theme again.

Always looking forward to your feedback.

Bright Beauty – Taj Mahal

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Before visiting the Taj Mahal I had seen countless photos, many were rather kitschy. But nothing prepares you for the astounding beauty of the real building.

If you like to see more pictures and read about my visit, please look here.

This is for Beck’s Square Photo Challenge. Thank you, Becky !

Always looking forward to your feedback.

Bright and delicious

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A specialty from Taiwan is Mango Shaved Ice. Typical ingredients are cubed mangoes, condensed milk, sugar, mango juice and ice. The bright orange color is really appealing. Eating it on a sweltering hot day cooled me down quickly. And of course, it was very tasty. Fruity and delicious !

You should eat this refreshing dessert on a really hot day.

Day fifteen of Becky’s Bright Square Challenge. Thank you, Becky.

Bright and colorful – April 2

This is my entry for Becky’s Bright Square Challenge in April.

Becky writes:
„It’s a brand new month and I am beginning to feel hopeful we might be taking more steps forward than back and that there is a brighter future ahead. There are still though lots of challenges for many of us, and life isn’t always easy with or without pandemic lock-downs, and so over the next thirty days I propose we support each other by brightening our lives with squares…“

Immediately after reading the theme, I remembered the time we took a taxi in Malta. It had been raining heavily all day, but the female driver said merrily:
„It’s brrrightening up.“
And in fact it did, the next day. Look at the colorful boats in bright sunshine!

Marsaxlokk, Malta

Later when traveling in persistently rainy weather, we often joked repeating what the taxi driver had told us. But the slogan might also be helpful to lift your mood in the current situation 😊.

Thank you, Becky for this new and fantastic challenge !

Always looking forward to your feedback.