Walking in the Rain in the Black Forest

Two years ago, we spent a wonderful walking holiday in the Northern Blackforest/Germany. The weather was quite good but one day it was raining tremendously. We went out for lunch and relaxed in our holiday flat in the afternoon. Finally, I went out for a short stroll, wearing waterproof clothes, but everything was terribly wet and the trail had turned into a small stream. I took only a few photos for fear to ruin my camera and went back soon.

In fact, my camera didn’t work the next day, but it functioned again when the moisture had dried. A few weeks later, it finally gave up the ghost, perhaps due to the wetness on the walk.

This is another picture from a rainy walk for Becky’s wonderful Walking Squares Challenge .

Walking in the Rain in the Black Forest was first published on Wanderlustig.

Walking the Camino in the Rain

In her Walking Squares Challenge, Becky asks us now to post photos about walking in the rain.
I haven’t been walking in bad weather lately. But when I went on the last stretch of the Munich Way of St. James in October 2019, it rained heavily and almost continuously for days. Until shortly before the finish in Lindau on Lake Constance I held out but then the path was flooded. I had to cover the last 10 km by bus.

Walking the Camino in the Rain was first published on Wanderlustig.

Rainy Days on the Munich Way of St. James

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Walking the Munich Way of St. James in October 2019 I often suffered heavy rain and thick fog. From time to time there was a funny looking rainbow and finally, having arrived at my destination in Lindau, I even saw the sun over Lake Constance, briefly.

This is for Lens-Artists Challenge #186 – Low-Light. Thank you, Sofia for the interesting topic and for hosting.

My photos might not very artistic but they convey the mood and the atmosphere of my pilgrimage on this section of the trail.

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